Alfatronix PV65R-S Single Output 12/24-5V USB Charger 2.1A – IP65


The PV65R range of USB chargers offers all the performance benefits of the PVPro range with additional protection provided to the electronic circuit of the unit. A durable polyurethane compound encompasses the electronic components offering comprehensive protection against dust and liquid ingress to IP65.

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  • Single output
  • 12/24-5V USB Charger
  • 2.1A
  • Ø37 x 49; Hole Ø30
  • 36g

This product offers a good solution where tampering might be an issue or in dirty or more challenging environments. Although the nature of the USB connector itself can always be wilfully broken or damaged and will still corrode if repeatedly exposed to liquid ingress, all electronics in these units are protected to IP65.

The range mirrors the very successful PVProproducts, offering both single and double outputs and rear fit as well as front fitting options which allow the unit to be replaced quickly and easily should this be required. Automatic short circuit protection is also included, so in the event of tampering or compromise, the unit will automatically shut down, then restart once the< fault has been removed. All units can be installed on both 12Vdc or 24Vdc vehicles without adjustment.

Units can be installed directly into bulkheads, vehicle walls, into seat fittings and underneath seats using the mounting pod P/N USB-POD. They can also be fitted onto table tops using the horizontal surface mounting pod P/N USB-TPOD.

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