Alfatronix CONVERTOR DD Series 12Vdc-12Vdc 108W continuous current


Input Voltage – 12Volts.

Output Voltage – 13.6 Volts.

Steady Current – 9 Amps.

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The AlfaTronix DC-DC converters 12V-12V provide a stable output voltage and dc-insulation for a wide range of applications. The devices are available with power outputs of 36W to 108W. The AlfaTronix converters use state-of-the-art switch mode technology and are manufactured in accordance with the same manufacturing designs and technologies as the AlfaTronix PowerVerter (PV series).

A lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee from AlfaTronix rounds the device series off and is confirmation of reliability.

All of the devices consume less than 100mA standby current, i.e. less than the self-discharge of a vehicle’s battery.

These AlfaTronix products are all mounted using the tried-and-trusted ‘Click ‘n’ fit’ mounting clip. The three-hole clip bracket enables it to be installed quickly and safely on non-level surfaces and in spots that are difficult to reach. Once the clip has been installed successfully, the device simply clicks into the bracket.

The green LED indicates the function of the voltage converter.

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