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    GME MO520 AIS Man Overboard Beacon

    The MO520 AIS MOB beacon is designed for use when the safety of your crew is at risk and you have no other means of communication. The MO520 can save lives when attached to a life jacket or attached to a crew member in distress.

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    GME MT610G GPS Personal Locator Beacon – ROW

    The MT610G is a super-compact, lightweight PLB, offering an impressive 7-year battery life and a 6-year warranty. Featuring a ‘Non-Hazmat’ battery pack for ease of transport, the MT610G ensures the user remains safe and connected, wherever life takes them.

    ROW Version, for Non UK Registrations – Please call to order and confirm programming requirements (a programming fee will apply).

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    GME Premium Carry Case for MT610G PLB

    Premium semi-hard carry case to fit the GME MT610G PLB. Finished in a UV resistant high visibility yellow material with a sturdy metal carabiner.

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    GME SR500 AIS SART (Manual Release)

    The SR500 SART (Search And Rescue Transmitter) is designed for use when the safety of the vessel’s crew is endangered and you have no other means of communication. The SART can save lives when deployed in a life raft or other case where the activation will aid in drawing the attention of the mothership or other vessels in the area.