Berkley Connect Cm90 Monofilament Fishing Line – 1200M Green-0.40mm


Direct Connect CM90 is a professional grade Alloy Monofilament and is designed as the most manageable carp fishing mono on the market today. With its increased sink rate, the line gets your bait to your fishing spot quicker and easier which means for an increased catch rate. With extreme abrasion resistance, and low stretch, the silky smooth CM90 has no line twist or memory, which makes for perfect castability and high strength. The green colour is perfect for fishing weedy areas as it blends in to the surroundings perfectly.

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<ul> <li>High abrasion resistance</li> <li>Higher sink rate</li> <li>Super-strong, great casting properties</li> <li>Great manageability</li> </ul> <p>Options available</p> <p>641-1376989 – 0.30mm Diameter, Breaking Strength: 4.5Kg (10lb)</p> <p>641-1376991 – 0.38mm Diameter, Breaking Strength: 6.8Kg (15b)</p> <p>641-1376992 – 0.40mm Diameter, Breaking Strength: 8.1Kg (18lb)</p>

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Weight0.550000 kg
Dimensions15 × 15 × 5.5 cm